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So you're looking for dorm room essentials but haven't found a good source online.  Until you landed here that is.

What Goes in a Dorm Room

These days, whether you’re moving away for college or you're working on moving your kids, these things can feel one in the same.  The fact of the matter is, you have way more choice on the dorm room you’re going to be staying in for the next four or five years. In years gone by, it was a matter of picking either the top or bottom bunk and being stuck with one, two, or three people. And you didn’t always get a choice in the matter because it came down to what was available.

But these days? Everything is about choices! You can pick whether you have a room of your own, twin occupancy, a room with bunk beds or a room with normal beds. Each kind has its advantages and its disadvantages, so before you go ahead and choose your dorm room, think about your sleeping arrangements. Do you hate the idea of sleeping in a bunk bed? Or do you think it’s a great space saver?  Try starting with our dorm room checklist for 2018.

Whatever you think, check out our site for detailed information on the best types of dorm room bedding, furniture, accessories, decor, and much more!

We're going to break down the essential knowledge you need to know before moving into your next dorm or sprucing up your existing dull dorm experience.  With that being said, there's four or five different categories; dorm accessories, dorm room ideas, dorm facts or numbers, and the bedding experience.  Trust me, you're not going to want to skimp out on anything.  School can be extremely stressful at times and the last thing you need is a stressful living experience.

Dorm Accessories

Dorm room accessories are the icing on the cake.  The finishing touch on any dorm room experience.  Some common accessories that our visitors find appealing when designing their rooms are items such as chairs, computer desks (for those all-nighter study sessions), tv's, posters, refrigerators, and much more.  Heck, have you ever sat in one of those bean bag chairs that just engulfed every atom of your body?  You're probably going to want to grab one of those as well.

Accessories are meant to be fun, they're what gives your room a little flavor and what keeps a calming yet fun environment while you're investing your time into becoming a genius.  They say the college experience is unlike any other, you might as well grab every last drop!

Dorm Room Essentials

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