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4 Dorm Closet Organization Ideas

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October 7, 2019
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No matter what university you belong to, you can always expect that there won’t be enough storage space in your dorm room—especially with the closet. Admit it, you won’t always have the time to do the laundry. You’ll need a lot of extra clothes in between laundry days, but where would you store them?

Instead of scattering your clothes everywhere in your dorm room (to the frustration of your roommates), it is better to organize your closet to fit all your clothes. Here are four ideas to efficient dorm closet organization.  

Increase Hanging Space

Most college dorm room closets are tall and have plenty of vertical space. Even when you hang jackets or long coats, you’d still find plenty of space before you get to the drawers below. The best way to maximize the unused space is by installing a rod doubler.

A rod doubler looks like a closet rod with two long hooks attached on either side. It is very easy to install since you just need to hang both hooks to the existing closet rod. This allows you to have two levels of storage where you can hang tees, shirts and other short clothing.

Rod doublers can also work even if you have long clothing in your dorm closet. Make sure to measure the length of your closet rod and purchase a rod doubler that’s at least 12 inches shorter than the closet rod. This gives you some space to hang coats, pants, or other long clothing that you don’t want to fold.

Whitmor offers a double closet rod that’s around 30 inches long. It is made of heavy-duty steel that can hold jeans without bending. This double closet rod is available on Amazon for $11.52.

If you are not happy with the rod height, there are alternatives that let you adjust the rod to different heights. Just be aware that adjustable rod doublers cost a bit more and may not be able to carry as much heavy clothing.

Hanging Closet Organizer

If you don’t mind folding your clothes, you could take advantage of the extra unused space by hanging a closet organizer. These closet organizers are basically fabric shelves stacked on top of each other. The clothes are supported by thickened fiberboards. Similar to rod doublers, closet organizers use stainless steel hooks to hang onto a closet rod.

There are plenty of brands that offer hanging closet organizers. These useful fabric shelves come in different sizes and different tiers. Storage Works offers this hanging closet organizer with up to six tiers.

The six-tier organizer has a height of 42 inches and is 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep. It can hold up to 40 lbs of clothing. It has four fabric side pockets to store accessories or other small items. And just like other organizers, you can fold it easily for storage in case it’s no longer needed.

The Storage Works Hanging Closet Organizer is available on Amazon for $27.99.

Keep Accessories within Easy Reach

The worst sign of a disorganized closet is accessories scattered everywhere. While it is irritating to look for your favorite shirt from a pile of messy clothes, it is tougher to look for a missing bracelet in a chaotic closet.

Accessories should be all kept together in one enclosed space but it’s a waste of space to dedicate an entire drawer just for accessories. The best solution to organizing accessories is by getting a hanging jewelry organizer.

Jewelry organizers are rectangular in shape and consists of multiple clear vinyl pockets. Some have zipper pockets to prevent accessories from falling out. The organizer can be hanged behind the closet by sticking a command hook on the surface. Hanging the organizer behind the closet door makes your accessories easy to reach.

BB Brotrade offers this jewelry organizer with 80 pockets (40 on each side). The clear pockets allow you to look through the contents easily. It comes in different colors and is available on Amazon for $11.99

Stack Shoes with a Shoe Rack

If you don’t want your shoes scattered everywhere, a shoe rack is ideal especially if you have plenty of pairs. If you don’t have plenty of space for a shoe rack, you can get a two-tier set that can be placed in the closet. These shoe racks usually require manual installation, but most of them do not require screws and have joints that interlock with each other.

Seville Classics offers a 2-tier shoe rack organizer that can fit up to nine pairs of shoes. It’s made of a woodgrain resin material that is sturdy. There are different colors to choose from to match your closet. This shoe rack organizer is available on Amazon for $21.99.

These are four ways to improved dorm closet organization. But no matter how many closet organizers you use, you’d still end up with a cluttered closet if you have too much clothing. To help you out, here are some steps to decluttering your closet.

  • Keep only the clothing pieces that you need. Consider your weekly activities and your laundry routine and determine how many clothes you need. If you can’t let go of some of your clothes, leave them at home. Having fewer clothes to choose from also saves some decision-making time every morning.
  • Store unused clothes underneath the bed. The thick and warm sweaters can be stored in plastic containers when it’s summer. In the same way, you can take out the sweaters during winter and store your thin summer t-shirts under the bed.
  • Fold your clothes all the time and keep them neatly stacked. A messy pile of clothing always use more volume compared to folded clothes.
  • Combine two articles of clothing on one hanger. You’ll save a lot of space this way if you really can’t fold some of your clothes.


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