24 Funniest Yearbook Photos That Deserve A Second Look

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May 4, 2014
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We always wanted to look good in our school yearbooks, we prepared a lot for that one single graduation picture. But these people have a different thoughts in mind. Some have the funniest quotation ever, while others have their naughty shots. Take a look at these 25 funniest yearbook photos that deserve a second look.

1. Bad meets metal!
Adam the Good Twin

2. That moment when your brother took your quote.
brother took my quote

3. Because he needs a big love…
big girls need love too

4. Graduation pose done right.

5. The coolest graduation picture ever!

6. Yeah they are!
eyes are open

7. F. You too!

8. When your best shirt turned into an epic fail!

9. The most selfish quote ever!

10. What the hell is Freeza doing here?

11. That acronym rocks!

12. Hey dad we look so cool!
guy ang his baby

13. Their parents must be proud of them.
lucky parents

14. When you see it…
mini minimo

15. You wouldn’t want to have a name like hers.
mrs. rape kindergarten

16. And they are not even related to each other.
naughty dad

17. Need to fit that hairstyle!
need to fit his hairstyle

18. Just a few reminder from a fresh graduate.
Never hold your farts in

19. So much cooler online…

20. They switched off
pitcher and catcher

21. Believe it or not Santa is black!
santa is black

22. These guys are pretty cool!
sanwiches are good

23. He nailed it!
waking up is hard

24. His real name is…
yeah it's my real name

25. And the greatest teacher of all time!


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