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Dorm Room Posters
June 18, 2017
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June 18, 2017
Yellow Chairs for Dorms

What Type of Chairs are Best for Dorm Rooms?

Have you ever thought about chairs? The kinds of chairs you would love to have in your home? In your dorm room? You probably haven’t, and you may not ever have if you hadn’t come across this post. We really think you should take a minute to consider what we’ve written here, and make some informed choices about how exactly you should decorate your dorm room.

Interior Chairs for Dorms

Bean bags

We’ve put bean bags first because they’re objectively the best kind of chair that you can get for dorm rooms. This list could effectively end right here, right now, and that would be fine. But to be serious for a moment, bean bags are actually awesome. Here are a few of the reasons why bean bags are the best sort of chair you can have in your dorm room:

  1. They’re easy to move around the room. Wooden chairs scrape along the carpet and make horrible squeaky noises on anything else, and they’re heavy and cumbersome to move. Bean bags on the other hand can be thrown across the room, and dragged silently across the floor at midnight. Bear in mind that this sort of thing becomes important when you’re living away from home- the people underneath your room wouldn’t like those scraping sounds early in the morning.
  2. They’re exceptionally comfy, no matter what you’re doing. Wooden chairs or metal chairs can dig into your back, especially if you sit in them for too long. But you’ll never have that problem sitting in a bean bag. They’re designed to be exceptionally comfortable whether you’re eating or playing Fifa, although they can’t be drawn up to a dining table (but if you do have one of these in your dorm room then you probably don’t need to worry about space).
  3. They’re also perfect for seamlessly bridging the world between doing things and sleeping. If your university days are going to be anything like mine, this is something you will need to know: how, when and where you sleep is going to be more important than ever. So what’s better than a chair that doubles as a bed, should the need or urge arise? You can’t sleep comfortably for eight hours in a stiff backed dining room chair. You can in a bean bag.

Bean Bag Chair

Folding butterfly chairs

We’ve picked butterfly chairs as our second pick for this list because of their functionality and cheap price. If you aren’t sure what exactly butterfly chairs are, they’re those folding camping chairs normally made of canvas; they’re designed to be the most basic chair, the very essence of ‘the chair’ with all the frills, bells and whistles taken out.

  1. You can take your butterfly chair to the park with you. If you’re meeting friends at the park for a barbecue, you won’t have to sit on the grass and get covered in ants like everybody else: you can lord it over them with your chair. Butterfly chairs are designed to be really light and easy to carry, so getting there and back won’t be a hassle. Some actually pack small enough that you can take them to festivals. No more green jeans from sitting on the grass for you!
  2. Butterfly chairs don’t get too warm. Probably the only drawback to bean bags is that in the spring and summer months, you’ll almost certainly get far too warm sitting in one. Butterfly chairs, on the other hand, are designed to keep cool indoors or out because they’re made of canvas. This is especially useful because the air conditioning- if there is any- in dorms isn’t always so great, so with a cushioned chair you might find your back (among other areas) becoming uncomfortably warm and sweaty. Not fun.
  3. Butterfly chairs- foldable ones, anyway- can be folded up and put away. This is great because unless you want to pay an eye watering price for a bigger room, you’ll be stuck with very little floor space for the next three or four years. If you have company around, or need more floor space for yoga or Pilates, then you can always put your chair away.

Chairs for Dorm Rooms

The humble office chair

Last but not least, the humble office rolly chair is our third choice for your dorm room. They can be found almost anywhere, both new and second hand, and in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting your hands on one.

  1. You can roll around in a rolly office chair. Let’s not beat around the bush, or pretend that we’re more mature than we are. Rolling around in a rolly office chair is a whole lot of fun, and probably the leading cause of chair-related injuries in the Western world at least. But seriously, being able to move around without standing up is actually really useful.
  2. Office chairs are good for working, not just playing. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but as a student, you really should dedicate at least some of your time to working. And if you have a desk in your dorm room, then an office chair is a really good addition to your working space; having a suitable and serious working area will actually help you to get your work done.
  3. Office chairs are adjustable! If you’re a little shorter than average, or a little taller than average, or have bad posture and tend to hunch forward in your chair, then fear not. Office chairs are generally adjustable so that you can sit comfortably no matter what. This is also the second thing that makes them fun, and you’ll probably spend more time bouncing up and down than trying to get comfy. Just make sure nobody comes up behind you and tilts you all the way back or makes you plummet towards the ground at a million miles per hour.


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