Essential Guy’s Dorm Room Ideas

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June 18, 2017
Guys dorm room

Guys dorm room

Guys Dorm Room Ideas

Decorating is hard, harder than it looks. It’s especially hard for guys: interior design is a woman’s game, and the majority of decorative knick-knacks and what have you are a little too girly for a guys’ dorm room. But don’t fret- we can tell that you’re fretting- we’ve come up with a few hints and tips that will help you decorate your dorm room, keep things organised, and generally put together a cool place to live for the next few years.

Pack light and keep clutter to a minimum

We’re all weighed down by stuff. We own so much stuff that homes are built with special spaces like attics and basements and storage closets just to store it all. And that’s in houses- dorm rooms are absolutely miniscule. When you’re packing to leave home, bear in mind that there just won’t be room for all the stuff you might want, or think that you’ll need. That way, you can save on space.

Not just that, but clutter looks bad. Nobody will want to spend time in your room if it stinks and looks like a tip- sorry to be blunt, but it’s true. It would be a lie to say that your friends have the same expectations that your mum did of you to ‘keep your room tidy’, but at the very least make it a pleasant place to be.

Masculine colour schemes

There’s nothing wrong with trying to portray a little manliness through your décor. Hey, women are all about girly colour schemes and patterns: polka dots, flowers, pink and yellow… But what we don’t see enough are masculine, powerful colour schemes that give a room a completely different feel. Most rooms are either neutral, or feminine; but what about a space for the guys?

You can make a room immediately look more masculine with a colour scheme that revolves around colours like black, dark green, and navy blue. In particular, try to stick with bold colours and patterns rather than fiddly intricate designs. A great way of achieving this is to have, say, a navy blue bedspread and a couple of navy blue decorations on the wall- you don’t have to have everything be the same colour just to suggest a colour scheme.

A straightforward household rota

Now that your place looks nice, why don’t we keep it looking nice? Back at home, you may have had to keep your room clean, do the dishes, or vacuum; maybe you didn’t have to do anything. But now you’ve moved out, you have to do it all. If you don’t, nobody else will (and if your housemate does pick up the slack, they’ll hate you with a brightly burning passion expressed through passive aggressive notes).

Don’t beat around the bush. Turn around and face the truth. Put together a straightforward household rota which clearly delineates your responsibilities and theirs, and keep to it. And if your new flatmate doesn’t want to, call his parents and tell on him. Well, maybe don’t go that far, but do try your best to keep the toilets clean, won’t you?

Make it your space

In life, it’s important to have somewhere that’s your space. Not just somewhere you like to be, but somewhere where you’re completely comfortable, completely happy and completely at ease. Somewhere you can retreat from the outside world, either alone or with friends. Your dorm room can be that little space that you need, sometimes, to keep sane!

When (or if) you do ever decide to decorate your little personal space: make it yours with posters, photos and personal bits and pieces. It doesn’t have to be absolutely plastered with your most personal possessions, but little things that remind you of home can be a great comfort… And most freshers suffer from homesickness far more than they let on. But this way, if you’re ever having a bad day, you can retreat to your you-space.

A dart board

Okay, so your dorm room looks good and you’re keeping it neat and tidy, but what about making it more fun? Board games like Scrabble or Monopoly might be out the window- bear in mind, you have to get along with the people you’re living with for the next few years- so what about a dart board? Darts is the perfect game for social get togethers, and it’s just as good if you’re bored alone.

Just make sure that you improve your aim enough that you’re not sticking the dart in the walls or ceiling, and make sure that you hang the dartboard somewhere that isn’t, say, just above your sofa or above your roommate’s bed. You might not get your deposit back if you pockmark the walls, and you might end up in prison if you kill your mates with your bad aim.

Dorm Room Darts

Chip in for a TV

If you don’t have one, why not convince your flatmate/flatmates to chip in for a TV? There are loads of free channels these days, and the TV licence is often covered by the company that own the halls. And since not everyone will have one, your little room will become a social heaven. And having a TV also means that you can finally get to unpack the Xbox, and put the dartboard away. Except now, you’ll be throwing the controller at the wall in a fit of rage.

A mini-minibar mini-fridge

This one doesn’t need much explanation. Having a little mini fridge stocked with alcohol is a guarantee of good times. Having a little mini fridge stocked with alcohol will make you friends all on its own. Having a little mini fridge stocked with alcohol will mean that you don’t have to keep going on beer runs in the middle of the night when you run out. And hey, maybe you could shove some snacks in there too if there’s any room. Alternatively, if your fridge is already full, have you thought of using a cupboard or a shelf for your alcohol storage needs?


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