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Girl Dorm Room Ideas [You’ll Love]

10 Girl Dorm Room Ideas You’ll Love

Making your dorm room your own is tough. Everyone’s comes the same- blank white walls for the most part. And then everyone decorates their room with photo murals and mason jars! So trying to find your own style can be difficult, but hey- at least it’s fun.

So that you can energize your dorm room, but maybe avoid some clichés along the way, we’ve put together this list of 10 girl’s dorm room ideas. We’ve scoured the internet (mostly Pinterest-type websites, admittedly) for the latest and greatest cute ideas.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a classic addition. You might see them in a few dorm rooms during your time at college- not just your own- but you can always do something different with them! This sweet DIY hack puts ping pong balls over each little fairy light, and it looks way nicer.

One great way of hanging fairy lights is to have them in a pattern rather than just hung up randomly! Really, though, there are all sorts of things you can do with fairy lights, and they look pretty anyway.

Floral Decorations on Your Mirror         

If you want to buy a nice, big mirror with a fancy frame then feel free. The only problem is that they tend to cost a lot more than the little, frame-less mirrors you can pick up at places like Target. But the good news is that you can light up your mirror with this sweet tip.

This particular example actually uses flowers made out of the card from egg cartons. You could either do that, make your own paper roses from regular paper, or just buy ready made fake flowers. Or, whatever, you could actually buy real flowers- so long as you don’t mind replacing them all the time.

DIY Headboard

You don’t realize how much you need a headboard until you don’t have one. Having your pillow pushed up against the wall is really uncomfortable, and depending on where your dorm room is, pretty cold. But did you know that it’s really easy to make your own?

All you need is some wood, some fabric and some soft material to stuff inside. Once you put it all together, all you need are some staples or pins, or some glue, and that’ll be good enough to hold it in place.  You can pick whatever fabric you want, too.                                                                                            

Inspirational Hangings

Inspirational hangings are the new motivational posters. But since motivational posters long since became a joke (although you might actually get some mileage out of one in an ironic way), inspirational hangings have taken their place.

The great thing is that it only takes a little stitching, or you could even use iron on decals. And it can say whatever you like. This one says ‘It’s OK’, which isn’t really too inspirational. We’re sure you can think of something better.

Lil’ Succulents

Succulents are a classic plant. They’re super easy to care for, and they look super cute. You can even have them in a vertical garden- see below. If you do have succulents for your room, keep them in planters with good drainage- in other words, have holes in the bottom of their planters, otherwise they’ll get unhappy with having too much water and start to die off. Yep, that’s right- you just learned your first gardening tip.

And if you really want to, you can put little googly eyes on him and treat him like an extra roommate. Everybody thinking you’re insane is a small price to pay for an extra friend.

Vertical Garden

Sticking to the same topic, this mini vertical garden can brighten up even a tiny room. If you just don’t have the window space or desk space, this is a great alternative- so long as you’re allowed to hang things on the wall in your dorm room.

Basically, you take a regular old plank of wood, and decorate it however you feel. Then you take mini mason jars or jam jars and put cute little plants in them, and attach them to the plank of wood. You can use metal strips, string or glue (so long as it will hold).                                                                  

Shadow Box Jewelry Holder

This mini-sized jewelry holder is awesome, because jewelry is one of those things that’s really annoying to organize. It doesn’t take up much space, obviously, but having everything tangled together in, like, a bowl can get really irritating.

You can design your mini jewelry holder any way you like: pick out your own fabric, or even use an old dress that doesn’t fit any more for the background. You can hang it up on your wall, or if you’re not allowed, you can always prop it up on a table like a photo frame.

Washi Tape Accents

Yep, washi tape again! If you don’t already have some, someone in your dorm or someone you know definitely will. But you don’t need to go all out and pretty much paint the wall with the stuff. Just some accents are enough.

This example is of some accents on a paper lantern. But you could use washi tape on chairs and stools, desks, door frames- anywhere really! The great thing is that if you try something, and you don’t like it, you can always take it right down again.

Macramé Wall Hanging

Macramé is one of those things where you either love it or think it’s the most pointless thing ever. But if you do love it, what about a macramé wall hanging? You can make a pattern, a shape or a picture (if you have the time). And it’s surprisingly easy to do, even though it looks like it might not be. It’s not too different to tying a braid.

Pom Pom Blankets

If you have a favorite throw blanket, but it’s looking a little worn around the edges, have you thought about jazzing it up? This tip adds little pom poms to the corners for a splash of color. You might think it’s silly, but we think it’s cute.