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How to Raise a Dorm Bed

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It’s no surprise that dorm rooms are notoriously small. After all, the average dorm room size is less than 130 square feet. This may seem fine if you have all this space for yourself, but most dorm rooms are shared by two or more students.

Shared rooms pose a challenge for space—books, clothes, gear, and the need for having study areas for everybody. That’s why one of the best ways to increase space is to take advantage of unused space under the bed by raising it.

Raising a Dorm Bed provides you with additional space for some of the following:

  • A study desk and chair or
  • A small couch
  • Storage boxes
  • An extra bed instead of having two separate beds
  • Mini-fridge for refreshments

Sounds pretty cool, right? There are so many things that can be stored under the bed once it is raised. But before you get started, it is important to check college regulations first. Some universities may prohibit raising the bed. Others provide loft kits for free, while others rent it out.

Other regulations include proper furniture placement in compliance with fire safety hazards. Even different dormitories from the same university may have different regulations. Be sure to understand what options you have before starting this project.

So, how do you raise a dorm bed? There are three ways to go about it.

Raising a Dorm Bed with a Slotted Frame

You can check the legs of your bed frame if it has multiple slots that allow you to raise it. If you are able to raise the bed frame, make sure to borrow a rubber mallet and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Take the mattress off the dorm bed.

It’s almost impossible to raise the frame without taking the mattress off first. You may temporarily put it out on the hall in case you do not have much space in your dorm.

Step 2: Use the rubber mallet to unhook the frame.

One corner at a time, tap the rubber mallet upwards to unhook the frame slots. You may need a friend to hold up the bed frame to prevent it from falling down as you use the rubber mallet.

Step 3: Adjust the bed frame to its new position and secure all four corners.

Make sure you still have your friend with you since this is difficult to do alone. Normally, there would be a clicking noise when a corner fits in place. If you’re unable to slot in each corner completely, you can use the rubber mallet and tap it down.

Step 4: Replace the mattress.

After replacing the mattress, you can now use the extra space for additional storage.

Raising a Dorm Bed with a Loft Kit

Once you’ve secured a loft kit that’s allowed by regulations, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Take the mattress off the dorm bed and turn the bed frame on its side.

You may need a friend to help you with the bed frame. Make sure there is enough space for you to attach the loft kit.

Step 2: Assemble the loft kit

Loft kits are designed differently and should include its own set of instructions. If the loft kit was designed originally for the bed frame, you just need to assemble it and it will fit in perfectly. Other kits allow you to adjust the length of the beams and with of the legs to match the dimensions of the bed frame.

Step 3: Attach the loft kit to the bed frame

Having the bed frame on its side makes it easier for you (and your friend) to attach the loft kit. Most loft kits are either secured into place by pegs or tension knobs. Make sure all knobs are secured tightly and the bed frame fits perfectly.

Step 4: Stand the bed up and install the ladder and safety rails

Some loft kits include additional ladders or safety rails that you can attach before replacing the mattress. These may come with bolts or tension knobs that can fit with standard bed frames.

Step 5: Replace the mattress.

Just be careful with a heavy mattress since you will be lifting it at a taller height than when you started. You can now place an extra desk, couch or other bulky items underneath the bed.

Bonus Tip: You can also help your roommate loft his bed too for extra storage space.

Using Bed Risers on a Dorm Bed

If your college doesn’t allow loft kits, bed risers may be a good option. Though bed risers cannot raise beds significantly, most bed risers allow your bed to rise for about three to seven inches. Even a few extra inches allow you to store more boxes, books, or a pull-out bed.

Bed risers can be purchased online or at a home supply store. There are even some that come with built-in power outlets or twin USB outlets. This comes extra handy if you and your roommate own a lot of gadgets. Just make sure your dorm regulations allow you to use additional power outlets.

Step 1: Determine what you plan to store underneath the bed.

This helps you decide on the length of the bed risers you wish to purchase. One problem with bed risers is the bed tends to wobble more as the bed riser gets longer.

Step 2: Move the bed to a spot where it is easy to reach each corner.

You don’t have to move it far from its original position as long as anyone can reach all four corners or lift either side of the bed.

Step 3: Slide a riser underneath each bed corner one at a time.

Lift one side of the bed and ask a friend to slide a riser underneath. If you have difficulty lifting the bed, you may choose to remove the mattress first.

Step 4: Move the bed back to its original position.

Make sure to check if each riser stays in position after moving the bed. You can now utilize the extra space.