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Minimalist Dorm Room

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October 7, 2019
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Minimalism has been trending for the past few years with the help of zero-waste movements and organizing consultant, Marie Kondo. So, what exactly is minimalism? By definition, minimalism is a style in music, design, or literature that focuses on “extreme sparseness and simplicity.”

In terms of interior design, minimalism is simply avoiding clutter and keeping only the things that are essential. Most minimalist designs are composed of the bare minimum décor and furniture and stick closely to a light or dark theme.

Why Go for a Minimalist Dorm Room?

  • Limited space – Admit it, there’s just so much that you can place in a dorm room. Having a minimalist dorm room takes advantage of the limited space.
  • Better productivity – When everything in the room is organized, you spend less time cleaning and more time studying.
  • Less stress – Having a tidy and aesthetically-pleasing room is easier on the eye and helps you relax.
  • Avoids having to rummage through the clutter – Having fewer objects means less time searching for something. By embracing a minimalist approach, all the important things are within easy reach.
  • The perfect balance between personality and livability – By sticking to a minimalist theme, you maintain a consistent design while keeping the space livable.
  • Less strain on the wallet – A minimalist dorm room isn’t just easy on the eyes, it’s easy on the wallet too. A minimalist approach prevents unnecessary purchases and keeps things to what’s only needed.
  • The room is easier to clean – The fewer items you have, the easier it is to clean and maintain especially when you’re always in a rush.

Going minimalist in your dorm room is one of the best changes you can do today. Here are tips to help you live a clutter-free and organized college life.

Embrace the Simple Life

Minimalism isn’t sustainable without the proper mindset. Always remember that ‘less is more’. Your future buying decisions should be made with this in mind. Sometimes the best decision isn’t to ‘purchase the more practical option’, but rather it is to ‘not purchase at all.’

Keep Only the Bare Necessities

This is the most important (and probably the most difficult) part of minimalism. You should be aware that realistically, there are only a few objects in your dorm room that you need to study and graduate. Your huge comic book collection doesn’t belong in a tiny dorm room. So does a huge all-season wardrobe.

If you can’t help but keep unnecessary items, make sure you don’t keep too many. When choosing which items to keep, ask yourself if this is something you really need and use a lot. Also, make sure there’s an organized storage space for these.

Plan Out the Dorm Room with Your Roommate

It will be difficult to maintain a minimalist dorm room if your roommate won’t support you. Decide on personal spaces where your individual stuff would be stored discreetly. For shared spaces, everyone should agree to an overall clean look and commit to clearing out clutter.

Exchange ideas on how you can make your room more livable. Who knows, your roommate might be more of a minimalist than you are.

Commit to a Coordinated Color Scheme

Sticking with a specific color palette makes everything look put together. If you don’t like most of the room to be white, choose a different pastel color as the base color. Choosing a light-colored theme will make any dorm room look airy and inviting.

Set a Stand-out Statement Object

Keep the walls and large items in a neutral color and place a few small objects with vibrant colors to add some contrast. This is the best way to show your personality. Small decorative pieces or pillows are good items to have in colors that pop.

Pin it on the Corkboard

I’m sure there are photos and notes that are simply too important for you to throw away. The problem is, these things get scattered easily all over the dorm room. You can set up a large corkboard on the wall and pin those important memories and reminders. You can even arrange them symmetrically or in a grid pattern to make them look easy on the eyes.

Set the Bookshelf Within Reach of the Desk

One of the main causes of clutter is not being able to keep things organized. This usually happens when you use up all your time studying and you’re left unable to put things back in their proper place. Setting the bookshelf within easy reach allows you to return books easily and prevent them from piling up on your desk.

Maximize Under-Bed Storage

One of the best ways to maximize limited space in a dorm room is to lift the bed. Getting a loft kit to raise a dorm bed gives you the most extra space. You can put shelves or drawers under the bed. Storing a lot of stuff under the bed makes the rest of the room look less cluttered.

Leave Some Breathing Room

Make sure there’s a corner in the room with a lot of breathing space. It doesn’t have to be completely empty. What’s important is there should be somewhere that’s easy on the eyes. You can even add a small potted plant to add to that relaxing atmosphere.

If you are unable to take care of plants, you can substitute it with an artificial potted plant. Another alternative would be to tape a plant print on the wall. A little greenery gives the minimalist dorm room a homey vibe.

Make it a Habit to De-clutter Regularly

Minimalism isn’t a one-time renovation. It’s a lifestyle. College life comes with a lot of clutter—tons of papers and books, pizza boxes, dirty clothes, and school merchandise. Make sure to clean up unnecessary items regularly. De-cluttering also involves saying ‘No’ to free stuff handed out that you really don’t need.

Throughout your college years, you will accumulate tons of memorabilia—caps, shirts, jackets, posters, flags, and banners. For sure, these are things you want to keep. Most probably, your parents are fine with storing these things in the basement at home until you graduate.