Nine Dorm Desk Organizer Ideas

Nine Dorm Desk Organizer Ideas

4 Dorm Closet Organization Ideas
November 11, 2019

Admit it, dorm desks get cluttered in no time. A few trips to the school supplies store for pens, markers, and paper will have your desk filled up in no time. The problem with having so much clutter is it greatly affects productivity.

Scouring through pens, papers, and notes wastes the time that could’ve been spent on finishing assignments and projects. And the more rushed you are, the more you tend to neglect organizing your stuff.

Luckily, there are plenty of desk storage solutions that help you organize all of the clutter and help you be more efficient. Here are nine dorm desk organizers for transforming your cluttered desk.

Mesh Desk Organizer for Dorms

Nothing makes organization easier than segregated storage. A mesh desk organizer is a staple in many office spaces and will work on your dorm desk as well. It has different compartments for different items. Different mesh desk organizers have different layouts and sizes. Choose the layout that best suits your needs.

This mesh organizer by Simple Houseware offers a good compromise between size and functionality. It features a tray with three compartments. It also has storage for file folders and a letter organizer.

The Simple Houseware mesh desk organizer is available on Amazon for $16.89.

Wooden Desk Organizer

Wooden Desk Organizers offer similar practicality to a mesh desk organizer in an elegant design. Most wooden desk organizers feature multiple compartments, with some offering mini drawers. The natural wood doesn’t just make this dorm desk organizer practical, but also decorative. Several designs and textures allow you to match this desk organizer with your desk or other decorations.

Blu Monaco offers this wooden desk organizer with a mail organizer and calendar. It is finished in natural wood which should complement any color theme. This desk organizer is a decorative way of desk decluttering and is available on Amazon for $29.97

Small Shelf Bins

Maybe you don’t want organizers made of wood or metal. If you want something made of softer materials, you can buy polyester fabric covered shelf bins instead. Purchase identically designed shelf bins that are small enough not to take up huge space on top of your desk, but big enough to hold notebooks and small books.

These gray shelf bins have an easy-to-grab handle. The generous space allows you to store items of different shapes and sizes. These bins are available in a set of two from Dormify for $14.

Magazine File

The quintessential magazine file is ideal for simple desk declutter and storage. Place documents, notes, and anything else that fits. But just because it’s a simple magazine file, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Pottery Barn offers a magazine file set that is wrapped in a marble swirl print with a gold accent.

The set also includes a pencil holder and a divided tray. This magazine file set is on sale at Pottery Barn for $29.99.

Lamp with Pen Holder

If you’re aiming for a minimalist dorm room, it’s a great idea to combine storage spaces with dorm fixtures. Wanjiaone offers this LED study desk lamp with an alarm clock combined with a pen holder. You can even charge your phone with the USB port on the back.

The 256-color changing side lamp makes for a cool night lamp. This lamp with a pen holder is available on Amazon for $39.99.

Desktop Bookshelf

You’d save a lot more desk space when your books are arranged vertically. But you’d save even more space when you have a mini bookshelf on top of your desk. There are desk bookcases with multiple compartments and shelves where you can put notes, an alarm clock, and other decorations.

PAG offers this white desktop bookshelf that is made of melamine board that is durable and lightweight. This bookshelf requires installation but already comes with its own set of screws and a screwdriver.

Declutter your desk by purchasing the PAG desktop bookshelf on Amazon for $23.59.

Chair Back Space Saver

It looks good on the eye when your desk is absolutely empty. But where do you put your things? A chair back space-saver lets you keep all of your desk items tucked behind your desk chair.

Pottery Barn Teen offers this chair back organizer in gray or charcoal. It is made of cotton canvas which is soft to the touch. The organizer features four pockets with varying sizes. The main pocket is big enough for magazines. The other pockets can hold either a notebook, pens or your mobile phone.

The chair back space-saver is on sale at Pottery Barn Teen for $13.99

Wall Mounted File Holder

One way of saving desk space is by moving documents and files to your wall. A wall-mounted file holder can hold light objects like pens and papers that would otherwise be scattered on the desk.

The EasyPAG 3 Pocket Office Mesh by Style A features 3 single pockets for storage. The pocket openings are arched by design so that it will be easy for you to access the contents while sitting down. The package comes with screws for mounting, but you can substitute these with command hooks to avoid punching holes in the wall.

This wall-mounted file holder is available on Amazon for $17.99.

Drawer Organizer

If you have a drawer under your desk, a drawer organizer is a must-have. You know how difficult it is to look for items in a disorganized drawer. Having a drawer organizer with multiple sections allow you to arrange similar objects together.

Drawer Organizers come in different layouts and materials. This organizer from Whitmor comes in a clear acrylic material it has six sections with varying sizes. The Whitmor drawer organizer is available on Amazon for $12.99