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How to Hang a Tapestry in a Dorm Room

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Hanging a Tapestry in Your Dorm 101

When you arrive at your college dorm, the open walls may look dull and bare, but this isn’t a bad thing, it’s a chance for you to decorate how you’d like!

You can tape up photos and add posters, but tapestries add a fun, colorful, and personal touch to any dorm room. Even though tapestries are typically large, there’s no reason to be intimidated when it comes to figuring out how to hang them on your wall!

Before you start the process of hanging your tapestry in your dorm room, you’ll want to check with your RA to see if your college has any rules about hanging large pieces of fabric. There’s no reason to go through the trouble of hanging your tapestry if they’re going to ask you to take it down!

Another thing you’ll want to check before you select a hanging method is whether or not your dorm has any rules about hanging methods. The traditional hammer and nail method of hanging decorations is most likely frowned upon, and not everyone brings a tool kit to college.

How to Hang a Tapestry with Clothespins and Adhesive Wall Strips

Step 1: Using adhesive strips and clothespins is a charming and reliable method of hanging tapestries in dorms. Purchase average size clothespins, larger will work, but the mini size will not be supportive enough, and adhesive wall strips.

If you have a small or medium size tapestry, two clothespins will get the job done just fine. If you have a larger or heavier tapestry, you may want to consider hanging your tapestry with three or four clothespins.

Step 2: If the adhesive strip is too wide, simply trim it down to match the size of the clothes pin, then adhere the adhesive strips to the clothespinsa. 

Step 3: Be sure to measure the length of your tapestry before you adhere the clothespins to the wall. At this point, you’ll also want to consider whether you want your tapestry to hang tight across or you’d prefer it to hang slightly looser.

Step 4: Take a look! Does it seem like you need to make adjustments? If you do, you may have to replace the adhesive strips you used, so consider purchasing extra. Adhesive strips don’t tend to go to waste when hanging decorations in dorm rooms!

How to Hang a Tapestry with Adhesive Velcro Strips

Step 1: If you have a thicker tapestry or you simply don’t like the look of clothespins, you may consider using velcro adhesive strips. The only materials this tapestry hanging method requires is velcro adhesive strips.

The number of velcro adhesive strips you will need depends on how large of a tapestry you have, if your tapestry is quite large or quite heavy you’ll want to consider using more strips on the top or sides to hang it.

Step 2: Measure your tapestry before you hang it, so you know where to stick the strips on the wall. Attach velcro adhesive strips to the four corners of your tapestry for hanging, and the four spots on the wall after measuring. Apply the velcro adhesive strips with the rough strip on the wall and the softer strip on the tapestry. 

Step 3: Hang your tapestry by connecting the velcro strips on the tapestry with the strips on the wall. 

Step 4: Check your work! Take a step back, admire you new decoration, make sure it seems securely adhered, and make adjustments as needed.

How to Hang a Tapestry with Push Pins

Step 1: Remember to double check that your dorm allows the use of push pins! If this is the method you choose, you can use fun colors to hang your tapestry in your dorm room or opt for clear push pins you can barely see.

Using push pins to hang your tapestry is a great option because you can rehang as you need to get it right, instead of having to replace adhesive strips if it looks lopsided.

Step 2: Use a single push pin to attach one upper corner to the wall, supporting the rest of the tapestry, so the single push pin isn’t pulled out. Use another push pin to attach the other upper corner of the tapestry. We recommend that you attach push pins to the lower corners of the tapestry as well, for added security.

Step 3: See how you like it! If you think it needs more security or you’d like to pull it up slightly, you can add or move push pins as you need.

Whatever hanging method you choose for your dorm room, don’t be afraid to purchase extras to hang other decorations like picture frames, posters, lights, and more! Once your tapestry is up on your wall, you might just be inspired to continue decorating.

If you’d like to add more tapestries but run out of wall space, consider using one as a bed cover, it’s a fun and lightweight way to add some color to your bedding.

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